How do I care for my wand?

To make your wand last longer after you are done making bubbles you need to rinse the strings in clean water. Run water over it, give it a gentle squeeze, run more water over it until it feels like no more bubble solution is coming out (it will never be completely clear of solution) and then allow it to dry. Do not hang it by the strings, drape the dowels over something (table edge, bathtub, etc)

Watch the video on tips and tricks for clarification

How do I make a bubble with my wands?

Dip the wand into the solution, immersing them completely to the tips. Slowly raise it up and keep the tips of the sticks together. Slowly open the sticks. Opening the sticks fully creates larges tubes or large bubbles. Making a small partial gap in the triangle will result in many smaller bubbles. When starting the bubble making for the session, it will require 4-5 dips and bubble attempts to really soak the wand fully. If your wand strings were wet prior to starting you may need up to a dozen dips to get back to full capacity.

Watch the video on tips and tricks for clarification.

What happens if I get some solution in my eye or mouth?

If a bubble pops and you get some in an eye rinse with water for a few seconds. If you get a large amount in eyes flush with water for a couple of minutes. If you get some in mouth, drink water and spit. If some is drunk (it tastes horrible I don’t see how but...) give lots of water and call Healthline/doctor/poison control.

How to store and use your bubble solution.

Bubble solution is best stored in a cool, dark place. Sediment settling to the bottom is normal.
Prior to using for bubble making stir the solution so that the sediment is redistributed through the mix. You can shake the container vigorously, then give it a few minutes for the foam to settle.
If there is a lot of foam in the container you are dipping into you can scoop off the foam with a spoon so that you just have liquid to dip into.

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