Story leadAs a child I remember making giant bubbles at my grandma’s house in the summer. She had collected labels for months to mail way for a special bubble wand. It was a giant plastic stick with a string that moved up and down the stick on a washer. It was messy, we fought over whose turn it was and we always had fun and begged Grandma to take it out. When I became a mom I wanted to replicate the same thrill and joy of those big bubbles with my little boy.

I bought a set of tri-string bubble wands from a man in New Zealand who sent along his recipe for big bubbles. The recipe sadly did not work, despite buying every type of dish detergent that New Zealand had on offer, nothing seemed to create big bubbles. So I went into research mode and quickly discovered the horrible truth…no dish detergent in New Zealand would do it. Much research and some internet shopping followed and I finally created my first batch of bubble solution and man were those big bubbles.

Not satisfied I decided to make a better set of wands and I did some more reading and made my own set of tri-string wands. Then I made an even bigger set of wands which made bigger bubbles. Delighted by our bubbles, we took them everywhere: parks, beaches, friend’s homes. Soon complete strangers were asking me “Where did you get those bubbles?”

When I explained I made all of it, the wands and solution, the next question was “Do you sell them?” It only took me 3 months to realize that big bubbles were very popular and that others wanted the fun we had. It started with selling to friends, then daycares, then I did a school fair and word of mouth has helped it spread. And that is how Little Ben’s Big Bubbles was started.

Little Ben’s Big Bubbles - Big bubble solution and bubble wands made for little people and big people too!