This bubble solution will make big bubbles which are rainbow coloured and can last a very long time on a windless day. It is capable under the right conditions with practice, of making bubbles that could easily hold an adult inside. It’s been designed to be used with the bubble wands but can be used with bare hands (see Tips and Tricks).

Why does it make such huge bubbles? Imported dish detergent. In fact that’s how this whole thing began. Kiwi dish detergent could not be used to make the big bubbles I was trying to get, I know, I tried them all.

It has a long shelf life (son’s daycare has a bottle that is 10 months old and is still using it with great results) as long as you mix the sediment back into it each time before use. For more details on long term storing and use please click here to go to the Tips and Tricks page.

Questions about the solution?

Check out the FAQ for most common questions.

Ingredients: Water, detergent (1/2 cup per 3L of water), baking powder, guar gum, isopropyl alcohol (3/4 tsp per 3L of water)

$5 per litre (example, 3L will be $15)

1 liter bubble solution v2